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*All of these add-on services can be done during any scheduled tailored or deep cleans at no extra charge*

Window Washing

Window Washing: A streak free clean every time for all your indoor needs for $8 per pane. Your only complaint will be the birds keep thinking your windows are open.

Litter Boxes

Litter Box Care: If your cat is looking at you like this cat, it might be because you haven't had time to change that litter box. Let us handle your least favorite chore for just $10/box!

Laundry Services

Laundry Services: Whether it's onsite laundry during an appointment, or a drop off and pick up of your dry cleaning, we have your back, and your front! For offsite services, we charge $4.50/lb. For onsite services, we charge $12/load with includes, washing, drying and folding so you don't have to!

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Fridge Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning: We will completely empty your fridge and freezer, scrub and sanitize shelves and drawers to leave a fresh slate for all your favorite foods. For this service, we charge $40.

Fire Pit Cleanup

Fire Pit Cleanup: Let us help with the post bonfire cleanup and make your fire pit ready for the next bonfire like the last never even happened. What happens at the fire pit stays at the fire pit for a fee of $40.

Baby Gear Sanitization

Baby Gear: Arguably some of the stickiest surfaces on the planet, let us clean and sanitize your stroller, high chair, bouncers, and swings to help keep a germ free atmosphere for the little ones for just $2 per item. 

Utensil Drawer Cleanout

Utensil Drawer Clean Out: That chore that nobody ever really gets around to doing but notices it every time you grab a fork. We'll do that for you for only $10.

Closet Organization

Closet Organization: Scared to open that closet door for fear of an avalanche of belongings? We at Flawless would love to come get your space organized for peace of mind and of course, your safety. for this life saving service, we charge $60 per hour per cleaner.

Kid's Toy Sanitization

Kid's Toys: Need all those plastic toys cleaned and disinfected? Sure you do! You have kids! For just $2 per pound, we can clean and sanitize any toys that won't be damaged by a good washing.

Basement Organization

Basement Organization: For big jobs like this one, we recommend at least two cleaners to clean and organize this kind of space. These basement cleans will cost $60 per hour per cleaner.

Grill/Smoker Cleaning

Grill/Smoker Cleaning: Slipping into a food coma after that grillout and don't feel like giving the grill the love and elbow grease it needs? We'll come prepare your grill or smoker for your next food coma for just $50.

Bedding/Pillow Wash

Bedding and Pillow Wash: Going out of town and want your bedding cleaned for a nice snooze at home when you get back? Or just feeling lazy and don't wanna? At $12 per load, Flawless will make sure all your bedding, sheets, pillowcases, and pillows are fresh and ready for your tired bones.


Dishwashing: For $40, let us handle the dishes while you put your feet up, grab a snack and leave us a few more dishes.

Cabinet/Drawer Organization

Cabinet and Drawer Organization: Got some junk drawers full of a little too much junk or some cupboards that shouldn't be opened without a guarding hand? Another recommended two cleaner job for all cabinets, cupboards, and drawers to be cleaned and organized for $60 per hour per cleaner.

Garage Clean/Organization

Garage Clean and Organization: Wish you could park your car in the structure specifically built for that purpose but don't have the room? For $60 per hour per cleaner, we will come make your garage wishes come true.

Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization: Like the fun of grocery shopping for all your favorite goodies but not the hassle of the organization when you get home? We can handle the annoying part and leave the fun part, eating, to you for $60 per hour per cleaner.

Interior Dishwasher Cleaning

Dishwasher Interior Clean: Are your dishes coming out looking less than clean and you're ending up having to waste those little pods of gold on two cycles? The problem may be that the dishwasher itself needs a little TLC. For $20, we will have your dishes looking like something you want to eat off again.

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